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The Dos and Don’ts of Website Design

Website Design Must-Haves and Mistakes

When it comes to website design, the most important feature to consider is how users find the information they’re looking for. A well-designed website is the key to unlocking your business’s full potential. If your website is out of date or difficult to navigate, this can turn your audience away.

Your website should be both useful and enjoyable for users. A website that allows people to access relevant information quickly and easily is a website they will want to visit again and again, so it is important to understand all the things you can do to get ahead, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

Website Design Dos

  • Less is more – In this day and age people skim and scan through pages, so it is important that your website gets your message across without large amounts of copy. With website design, simple but effective content is the key, especially for a good mobile experience.
  • Make use of design features – Separating content between images, call-to-actions and the like will keep readers on your website, rather than scaring them away with big blocks of text. Experiment with different website design concepts to find one that works for both you and your audience.
  • Mobile experience – The key to a good website design is to ensure it provides your audience with a similar experience across all their devices. So, test your website on different screen sizes to make sure everything is working the way you want.
  • Make it simple but effective – To make your website as accessible as possible, its structure must be easy to navigate. The sitemap must be clear, and the navigational structure must be user-friendly. This will allow you to engage with a wider audience.

Website Design Don’ts

  • Fill pages with ads – Users come to your site to see your content, and your content alone. Pop-up advertisements promoting products they are unlikely to want could drive your audience away, so this is a good thing to keep in mind with website design.

  • Assume what people want – A good website needs to aid the user in their experience in every way, so it is important to focus on what designs are helpful, not ‘cool’. Of course, be creative, but this creativity is ineffective if it makes your audience feel lost.

  • Make users wait – Speed is an important feature of a good website design. People are not always connected to a super-fast Wi-Fi network when they want to visit your website, but they should still be offered a website with a fast loading time.

One of the most valuable business investments you can make is a well-designed website. An important thing to remember when it comes to your website’s design is how accessible it is to users. If your website has a clear navigational structure, is optimised for mobile devices and user-friendly, then you really cannot go wrong.

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