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Tips For Twitter Marketing

Twitter can be a powerful platform to grow your social presence and promote your business. There are over 8000 tweets sent out every second – a huge number , making it very easy for your tweets to get lost in the mix.

Utilise Your Profile and Keep Your Brand Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to branding your social media platforms. Consistency across your social channels is an important part of improving your online presence. Using the same username and photo on all your social profiles makes it easier to find you across all platforms.

Your username is especially important on Twitter – due to the small character limit on Twitter, you are more likely to get mentions if your name is short and easy to remember. However, you want to make sure your audience still recognise your brand through your name and keep it relevant. Choose a Twitter handle/name that is as similar to your name as possible, avoiding any unnecessary numbers or punctuation marks to create a clean and catchy username.

In terms of your picture, for businesses it looks more professional if the profile photo is your business logo. However, if it is for an individual’s account, it’s best to go for a professional photo of you or something relevant, as it will make you easily identifiable.

Make sure you don’t forget about your header photo. This can be an extra place to promote your brand awareness as well as use your creativity. Use this space to promote what you do and reflect your brand image.

Find and Use the Best Hashtags

Hashtags have now become a major part of what Twitter is about. It is shown that tweets including what? get twice as much engagement than those without.

However, hashtags are great until they are overused. Overusing hashtags can make them completely pointless and therefore a waste of time. Also, when it comes to hashtags in particular, relevance is key. Only add hashtags that fit with the context of what you are writing without overusing hashtags and avoid adding pointless and unmeaningful hashtags.

Never use more than one or two hashtags per tweet. Make sure that they relate to your brand and the context of the tweet.

Add Images and Videos to Your Tweets

As you may be aware, adding images and videos to your tweets or any social media post makes your content more interesting and appealing to the eye, meaning that it’s more likely that people will engage with what you post. In fact, studies have actually shown that posts and content with images or videos receive 2 -3 more times the engagement than those without.

Make sure that your media is:

  • Relevant to your content and brand
  • High quality
  • Related to your tweet

You can now also include live videos on Twitter. Your followers will receive a notification when you go live, similar to Instagram and Facebook.

These live streams will also automatically be posted as a tweet on your profile, so you can see how well your engagement rate is doing once you’ve stopped sharing.

Final Points

Twitter is a great place to increase brand awareness and generate new leads, but things move quicker on this platform than any other social media network. The average lifespan of one tweet is just a few minutes.

  • Make your Twitter marketing efforts unique so that you stand out from the crowd. Start with the basics of your Twitter profile; making your username easy to remember and as close to your company’s name as possible.
  • Optimize your bio to reflect exactly who you are as a company and what you do.
  • Tweet during peak hours. Once you’ve identified the best days and times to post in regards to your audience, schedule posting of tweets during those times.
  • Do not over use hashtags and make sure that they relate to your brand and the context of the tweet.
  • Use images and videos to boost your engagement.

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