Increasing Audience Engagement
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Tip for Increasing Audience Engagement

Know Your Audience 

First things first – to be able to engage with your audience, you must know your audience. Make sure what you post is current and relevant. Making it relevant for your specific audience type or for current world/ industry situations is key to your success. 

Be active and consistent in responding to comments and messages.  When relating to your audience, remember to have a brand voice – people will make judgements on your brand based on your Social Media, so know your Social Media brand voice.

Remember – it is possible to have different brand voices when addressing different audiences if you have a range.

Incorporate Visuals 

Incorporate images in your posts. Research has shown that adding visuals to a post on Facebook for example gets 2.3 times the engagement rate. Add an inviting but relevant visual to your post to make it almost impossible for your audience to scroll past without taking some sort of action on the post.

Ask Questions and Get Feedback 

Ask for feedback and reviews, generate a conversation, and ask what they like to see, what blogs and content they prefer or ones they don’t like, and what they do or don’t find most useful. Alternatively use something like a poll on Facebook or Instagram for example- it generates a sense of fun and engagement but you will also create some valuable research data from this.

A good way to ask questions is to create polls throughout your social media. This is a way your audience can physically get involved and get their opinion heard as well as you being able to find out what your audience is wanting and looking for.

Create Clear Messages

Have a clear message and call action. A lot of people now know in that in social media they are being tapered into something, so just be upfront with what you want. Use clear words for example, ‘follow’ download’ and ‘book’. Your audience is more likely to interact if you address what you want directly, and your posts are clear in what they are asking. 

Use strong headlines

The majority of people will scan read the headline before engaging in the rest of the text, so a good headline entices your readers to click on a link and should contain enough information to gauge what it is they’re clicking on. Fill your headlines with action verbs and keywords.

Beyond the headline, make sure your writing is accessible. Don’t use industry jargon or try to sound smart by explaining something in an unnecessarily complex way. The fact is your social media audience won’t take time to try to decipher something that isn’t written in plain, straightforward language.

Track when your audience is most active

Use social media analytics to track when your audience is interacting with your content. For example, if you find out that most of your audience is ‘retweeting’, commenting on and ‘liking’ your content on weekday mornings then you should schedule and post your best content on weekday mornings.

The goal is to cater to the days and times of day when the biggest portion of your audience is engaging and clicking your content. Therefore more people are more likely to see your content and engage with it and then take action in regard to what the posts goal is.

Create incentives for your audience to share and be sure to post these at times when the majority of your audience is active. For example, a give away is a great way to generate shares and interaction from not only your audience but a wide range of others, because who doesn’t love a freebie?

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