Business Marketing During Covid-19
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Mindful Marketing for Business during Covid-19

Through these uncertain and unfamiliar times, we find ourselves and others around us feeling unsettled and disorientated within our endless time in isolation, this calls for mindful marketing. Although we are going through the Covid-19 virus, there is nothing we can do to change it. However, in terms of marketing there are things we can learn and put into practice whilst we self-isolate. So here are some tips for marketing your business effectively during Covid-19:

Recognise When People Need Your Products and Services

Throughout this time your products and services may not be top priority for many people, however that does not make marketing them worthless. You simply need to be mindful when marketing, avoid sending pushy emails or using direct marketing methods, as this could be the last thing people want to read at the moment and therefore be counterproductive. Instead subconsciously remind people of your brand, products and services through your Social Media platforms. Keep in touch with your existing clients and nurture relationships with new social media followers, as they could be your potential future clients once lockdown ends.

Excellent Communication Strategy

Excellent communication may be one of the most obvious steps when it comes to marketing, however it is very important at this time to communicate clearly and consistently. By keeping your audience up-to-date and engaged this will allow them to know exactly what your business is offering and how it can help people during Covid-19. For example; if you offer a particular service on a certain day of the week, or a live video for your followers on another day of the week at a set time, it will add an element of routine and certainty for your online followers. By keeping your communication regular and routine this adds engagement and keeps your audience engaging with your online activity.

Evaluate Your Visual Content and Language

Visual media elements are a powerful communication tool in addition to textual content, so really consider the message you would like your brand to send at this time and then look at creative visual ways to present this to your audience. You don’t want to offend or misinform your audience, so try and steer away from the topic of Covid-19 and politics altogether, instead offer support, motivation and positivity to your audience. Try to stay clear of:

  • Images of gatherings or crowds of people, this could send the wrong impression at this time.
  • Language associated with close interaction for example, ‘closer to your customer’, or ‘get in touch’.
  • Words associated with Covid-19.

Highlight How Your Brand Can Help

Why should someone use your products and services? How can your brand help people at this time? Adapt your usual marketing posts to suit this time in particular, and highlight how your brand can help people.

  • Can your brand help people digitally or remotely?
  • Can your services or product be used by people at home?
  • Can aspects of your business be adapted to suit people who are self-isolating?

These are all aspects that need to be addressed and then highlighted as benefits to your audience.

Offer Online Tools for People to Use at Home

Whilst everyone is respectfully staying at home Live Social Media Videos and Zoom Meetings are a great way to communicate with your audience to keep them engaged, foster new relationships with clients, whilst mindfully marketing your products and services.

  • Can your business offer a meeting, training session or product information via Zoom?
  • Would a Live Video help you communicate with your audience?

If so, use your online platforms to your advantage and develop your business to utilise digital marketing. Market your brand through social media in order to communicate exactly what you can offer at this time and how it can benefit them during Covid-19.

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