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An Insight into Digital Consultancy Services in Evesham

Digital Consultancy Services in Evesham

A Digital Consultancy showing a beginners view on kick starting your Web Design, SEO, Social Media content and your Businesses presence through Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is something I have always had a keen interest in. The aspects of Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Blog writing were all things I wanted to gain knowledge and experience in. I went in search for first hand experience at a Digital Consultancy agency or company to channel my passion. I came across Caroline’s Digital Consultancy company; designed to improve businesses online presence, connect them with a global audience and maximise a businesses marketing success.

I reached out to Caroline at Digital Services in Evesham in hope for some experience in the industry. Digital Marketing being a career I want to excel in, I was determined to learn and expand my skills. Caroline was happy to give me an insight in Digital Marketing, teach me and let me work with her on a regular basis.

When working alongside Caroline, the thought of ‘Digital Marketing’ being simple and straight forward was soon proven to be wrong. The detail, precision and steps for each individual task were extremely important, in order to achieve the requirements for successful Digital Marketing for businesses. As an industry that is forever modernising and updating, keeping up to date with the services and most recent marketing techniques is crucial.

Search Engine Optimization

Throughout my time with Caroline she taught me various skills and we worked on a wide range of projects. One of those being Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for those who don’t know what that is, as I didn’t prior to my work experience with Caroline, SEO means Search Engine Optimization; it is essentially the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. As my knowledge has developed I’m aware that this is very important for businesses, for their websites to be recognised and reached with an advantage over others. I created a detailed SEO website audit and then used my keyword research to enhance SEO for corporate websites.

Holly Walton at Digital Services in Evesham

Web Design Optimization

Not only is it important to give your website superior content, optimizing your website is something that isn’t always so obvious but is extremely beneficial. Enhancing your website, increasing it’s speed and optimization are all key factors to allow it to run smoothly and make it easily accessible and engaging for the audience. I ran reputable plugins through website to increase the speed and optimize the website’s functionality.

Social Media Marketing

As most of you are probably aware that Social Media platforms are taking over! Marketing your business through those platforms is a great way to take advantage of that and connect with your online global audience. However, something I have recently learnt is that Social Media Marketing is not just about an intermittent intriguing post. It’s about regular, branded posts to showcase your business, your businesses services and to reflect the quality of your company. Whilst working with Caroline I designed and created multiple posts for a variety of different Social Media platforms, for example; Facebook, Instagram, Linked In.

Creating posts to showcase a varied portfolio of work, gives the customers an insight into the business and the work that can be achieved in order to assist your company. By providing engaging portfolio video content via social media this makes people feel involved and intrigued by the company, as it adds a personal relatable element to business. This is a really positive benefit for any company looking to expand their online marketing opportunities, as social media plays such a big part in everyone’s daily lives. It is therefore important to have a structured, successful presence on social media platforms, in order to engage, relate to and build relationships with your clients online.

If you feel like a Digital Marketing novice, just like I did before having an insight into the industry or you were unaware of the benefits it can bring to your business. Need to kick start or improve your Website, Social Media Platforms and SEO? Then get in touch with Caroline’s Digital Consultancy at Digital Services in Evesham via the website, email us at, message us on Facebook, or telephone us on 01386 247 732.