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Copywriting Guidelines During COVID-19

Tips and Tricks to See Your Copywriting Through Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus has impacted our world in a huge way. It has not only affected the lives of people on a personal level, but professionally, too. The pandemic has caused companies to change the way they run their businesses, and copywriters are not exempt.

Coronavirus has turned the world upside down, but that does not mean your copywriting should suffer. It is important that you know of the ways to make sure your content remains consistent in circumstances that are anything but.

Here are some guidelines to help you ensure your copy attracts your audience in the same way it did before COVID-19:

  • Why so serious? Keep the tone of your writing casual and conversational. Due to the current circumstances, your customers are likely to want a pressure-free environment and lighthearted, approachable copy will provide that. Be positive, and remind your audience that you are there to support them.
  • Adjust your offers – COVID-19 has caused uncertainty for many people, including your clients, so your copy should give them breathing space. Your consumer’s mindset may not be ready for an urgent offer that runs out at the end of the week, so versatility is key.
  • Be accurate – An imperative copywriting guideline is preserving the trust your audience already has with you, especially during such uncertain times. Even something as minor as proper grammar will allow your audience to trust in your copy. Using credible sources and remaining optimistic will also help.
  • Stay organised – If you have to make certain adjustments to your life and your business, there are ways to stay on track. If you have to alter your existing content, prioritise the pieces that get the most traffic. Also, do not disregard great ideas just because they may not be currently relevant.
  • Remember your reasons – This year may have adapted the ways in which you operate your business. But no matter how many changes you make, your goals and values should remain the same. Your copywriting should be consistent, provide information and fulfil your audience’s needs, just like it did before COVID-19.
  • Get practical – If the current pandemic has reduced your workload, consider it an opportunity rather than a worry. Update your website if it is out of date, tend to your blog and brainstorm new ideas. Maybe revisit anything that you may have been pushing a side for a rainy day…or a rainy year…

It is no secret that 2020 has been quite the year so far, and the outbreak of Coronavirus is like nothing we have experienced before. The world has been shaken, but that does not mean your copywriting cannot remain solid. Keep your content consistent, relevant and supportive, and your audience will thank you for it.

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