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Boost Your Business & Exit Lockdown Stronger!

Although Covid-19 is now showing signs of having passed the ‘peak’ and many UK businesses are preparing to reopen at the beginning of July, it can’t be denied that this lengthy period of lockdown has caused a big strain for many businesses. This has impacted many business owners on an international scale and most specifically small businesses, some will have ‘gone under’ and others will have survived, but few have passed through this period without struggle, uncertainty and stress. Leaving us with one prominent question, ‘what can we be doing to boost our businesses back to a strong position after lockdown?’

By taking proactive steps now you can put your business in a more secure position following the end of lockdown, recover faster and stay strong. Here are a few key strategies, insights, and marketing tips to help your business recover from this crisis period of lockdown.

Adapting to Your Customers Worries and Concerns

Depending on what industry you are in, your customers are likely to be having specific worries and stresses of their own. Think strategically about how the pandemic is affecting your customers and how you and your business services can help. If necessary, you can then adjust your marketing around how to address these specific challenges and worries. For example, ask yourself if your customers worried about the following aspects.

  • Worried about supply-chain disruptions?
  • Worried about how to manage employees in an environment where everyone might need to work from home?
  • Worried about travel restrictions?
  • Struggling with general market uncertainty and slowdown in demand?

Your job as a business owner is to figure out how to re-position your products and services to be helpful in addressing the specific issues that your customers are facing now. If your business provides something adapted to your customer concerns, they are most likely going to want to use your service or buy your product.

Work on Long-Term Investments

Especially if you’re in business to business (B2B) sales, the lockdown might be an opportunity to make some long-term investments in your business. Especially if you are seeing a short-term slowdown, this is the time to re-evaluate your operations, platforms and processes and conduct some long-term strategic planning for your business.

If you have a few big prospects in the pipeline, now is a good occasion to put more energy into lead management and nurturing of those longer-term relationships and opportunities. Keep checking in with your clients, reassure them and let them know that you are still operating and you’re happy to help.

General marketing tips to help your business boost

  • When marketing your business online using social media platforms make your content consistent and engaging. Communicate well with your audience and customers, however do not be too pushy with your sales as these times can be financially testing for some people.
  • Remember to always know your audience, this is important so that you are posting relevant content that will be useful and intriguing to people and engage them with your brand.
  • Add visuals as research has shown posts that include visual content, such as images and video, receive double the engagement than those without visuals.

Build Your Online Marketing Strategy          

Start reviving your business before lockdown has even come to an end, although we are not yet fully out of lockdown the opportunities to sell and market your products online are still there for you to access. People are still going to want and need to buy things, therefore creating opportunities to serve your market via alternative sales channels is vital. For example, if you are a restaurant, arrange takeaway deliveries of your food and offer special online deals. If you have a salon, bookshop, clothes store, or any business that provides a product, market these via online platforms to make them available for your customers to continue to purchase.

Does your business provide a service that you physically cannot deliver throughout lockdown? For example, you are a masseuse, use online platforms for promotion. Promote a post lockdown stress relief massage, write an e-book, run a competition, keep in touch with your clients via email. Make people aware of what you are offering, remind them that you are still active, so that they have your business at the forefront of their mind once lockdown comes to an end.

Use this time to publish and promote your products and services. Build the website you have always wanted for your business. Use all virtual social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google My Business.

If you would like to give all of this a go but you’re just not sure where to start or if Digital Marketing is something you require help with, please don’t hesitate to contact me by emailing: or alternatively you can telephone Caroline Tutton-Wood on: 01386 247 732.